Here are some success stories. These are from friends and acquaintances of mine, people who have genuinely used and seen great results from the moisturising cream, that may be in severe cases or just as a great everyday moisturiser. Starting a new business is a tricky thing so I have asked people I know to tell me why it made a difference, they are friends so perhaps they are nicer to me but I trust them and have asked them to be totally honest with me. I have also added comment from one close friend who suffers with a skin complaint and our product didn't worked as want to keep a balanced view and be totally honest.

"Having had cracked, itchy hands since I was a teenager and I'm now in my forties I was somewhat sceptical when trying out a new moisturiser as had tried almost everything I could get my hands on. After a week of using Creamsandthings product my hands were not perfect but I could grip again without the skin on my fingers cracking and it had soothed the itching so I was permanently scratching making my hands bleed. I use a small amount daily now to keep this under control but it really has been amazing to have a product that I can use and makes such a difference to my daily life. I also use it on my children from time to time as they also suffer from eczema".

- Carol Needell; Severe case of eczema on the hands.

"Being a nurse and mum of four kids, my hands are often in water for one reason or another. This leaves my hands sore and the skin rough and cracking. Since using this moisturiser my hands are lovely and soft, and rarely in the poor condition I was used to. Not only does the moisturiser disappear into my skin, but it smells really fresh and lemony too. I shared this moisturiser with my work colleagues and they love it too."

- Pippa Large; Nurse and mum of four

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