Story to Date

Having started up and run various businesses over the years, Creams and Things is something which had pestered me for a while. Our first product is a moisturising cream which was recommended to a friend in the US when his hand split on a golfing holiday. Having tried a few things to help the healing process and nothing working, we ventured to a pharmacy where they offered us an 'Udder Balm' based product. Much amusement ensued and the item was purchased and applied. To say the results were impressive would be an understatement! Since that holiday I had promised my best friends wife that I would get some for her. Fifteen years later I did. Her hands had from teenage years been cracked, itchy sometimes bleeding and whatever she tried nothing worked. I imported some moisturising cream for her and with hesitation from her (due to many products making the condition worse) and much encouragement from me (due to the belief I had having already seen great results) we caked her hands in the yellow cream, kill or cure was possibly what I had in mind (not literally).

Anyway, maybe a week or two had gone past and I had heard nothing, so with trepidation I called to enquire as to whether it had been successful or an unmitigated disaster. The response was better than I could have expected, as she raved about the cream and results and how her friends and mums at the school gate had commented wanting to know what she was using, could they have some. Since that time I have given product to a few friends; from working mums, friends with children who suffer from eczema, to mates who are mechanics. So far, with only one exception, everyone has used and loved the healing and restoratives qualities of the moisturiser. It's not a cure all and not a product which will work for everyone, but having seen such great results it is something I wanted to try and share with many if possible.

To be continued...

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