Product History

Creams and Things may be a new name and brand, but the moisturising cream we have has been sold in the USA for over forty years and this has been traced back to recipes used since the 1800s. The moisturising cream is based on an original formula used by dairy farmers to protect and soften cows udders from extreme weather and milking. So for over 100 years farmers' wives held the secret to smoother skin. Happily these days we can all enjoy the healing power developed from the original formula of 'udder balm'.

The original recipe has been refined over the years and now with its perfect mixture of ingredients it is used and recommended by people from many walks of life. Anyone whose skin is exposed to the elements, whose hands are in and out of water all day, or who works with their hands, knows its soothing power.

The product is recommended in the USA by cancer hospitals for treating the effects of treatments as this leaves skin very dry and our moisturiser offers an effective way to restore moisture to the skin and provide relief.

3 oz Tube £14.99


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