Company Information

Creams and Things was set up to import proven quality skin care products for people who need effective everyday moisturising creams. Having used this product throughout ski seasons and imported a small amount for friends who need an effective everyday moisturiser, suffer with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and other skin complaints we realised that there was a lack of quality effective products on offer for people who need more than just an expensive marketing campaign.

Having seen impressive results we put the wheels in motion to make the product more widely available. The company will initially sell the one product, and if this proves to be a success we will then introduce others to compliment and enhance our impact in peoples lives through quality effective products. We will also look to develop new products using natural ingredients to protect your skin.

Having run several businesses in the past we want to continue to bring quality products and service to many in the most transparent way we can.

Give it Away

At Creams and Things we believe in making a profit and hope to do so. We don't believe that the profits should be used to pay shareholder dividends or be kept to make the directors super wealthy. Therefore from the start of this new business we will be making sure that 90% of profit goes to people who need it and who will benefit from it most.

Initially the three organisations which we will support are:

1. Mercy Ships -
2. Stop the Traffik -
3. Stand Up To Cancer -

The profits will be split equally between the three. Profits will be anything which is left after general running costs, salaries etc are taken from the business.

3 oz Tube £14.99


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